Beautiful is a word we use to describe many things. A Sunset or Mountain top covered with Snow.

Whatever is beautiful in your eyes might be different in another’s. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

When it comes to children they use movie stars or models to be the ways to judge. But looking deeper for beauty is not only not really accepted but many times is rejected.

When we talk to our daughters do we model the image of beauty inside?

You are the first sight of beauty.  And when they are born you are the first to see their beauty.

When society steps in it is a new set of implied rules.  Are you this?  What’s your size?  What does your face look like?  How do you dress?  Etc.  All personas of how we look on the outside. But what about the beauty within which sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.  Society tries to tell us beauty is the person on the teen magazine cover who has had altered results in the photo.  Is this what you use as the marker for your daughter?

So as parents when you talk about beauty with your daughter start by looking at how you define your own beauty.

Daughters listen and see your reactions to you.

1. Do you say you’re too fat or you’re not attractive? Thinking before you speak helps you change your perspective and helps your daughter.

2. When was the last time you gave yourself or your daughter a compliment about inner beauty? 

3. Observing other people and edifying their positive attributes.  For example, “she has a beautiful smile all the time” and “I imagine her thoughts help her smile.”

4. When you pick them up from school “Who made an impact on you today in a positive way and why?”

5. Most of all we make our own beauty.  It can be a smile or a kind deed for someone else.  How are you doing in getting this message to your daughters?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but most of all it is in the person within. The greatest gift we give our daughters is to help them find it and help them share it with the world.