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2020 Winter Session 
Tuesday, February 4 – Tuesday, March 32, 2020
Meet weekly 4:30pm – 6:30pm for ages 8 – 14
Cost is $150 per girl
Location: McHenry County Mental Health Board, 620 Dakota Street, Crystal Lake, IL 60012

Chattergirls was created to help young girls with the social and inner pressures that begins at a young age, and to develop life skills for becoming confident strong young women.

Information on Girls Self-Esteem Camp

5 sources are used to change a young girl’s life in this program.  They are:

  • Mirror Mirror what do you see?
  • Behind the Mask.
  • Changing the Chatter.
  • My Voice.
  • 100% ME.

break down

Session ONE

Mirror Mirror looking in the mirror

What do they see?

What does your daughter see when she looks in the mirror? Does she see what you see? Or does she see what others see, take their input to her heart, which keeps her from being the true her?  Does she listen to the Chatter in her head?

Session TWO

Behind the Mask?

What do I see?

In this session we talk about the Mask. Something that keeps your daughter from being the woman she desires. Psychologists say that young women who are unable to find positive self esteem between 8-14, will struggle throughout their lives.  Give your daughter the opportunity to come out from behind her Mask and be the woman she desires to be.

Chatter girls is a building block to stronger identities for our daughters.

Session THREE

Changing the Chatter

What do I hear?

In Session Three we work on Chatter in our heads.  We all have Chatter in our mind, but as adults we should have learned to control the chatter.  During the transition ages, some girls are overwhelmed with the negative chatter.  In the program we learn how to move a negative to a positive and not allow it to control and destroy a young girl’s self esteem.

It’s a time for strength in their identity. Chattergirls does just that!

Session FOUR

My Voice

Finding my voice my inner strength and power

Session FIVE

100% ME

Acceptance of Me with complete control of My Life

Activities are provided to correspond with the topic for the day.

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