5 Steps to a Girl’s Uniqueness
Self-Esteem Program

Self-esteem is defined between the ages of 8-14 years old and may not be revisited until a woman turns 30, studies suggest. A lot of life happens between 14 and 30, and we must equip the young women in our lives with the necessary tools, so that they may thrive.

ChatterGirls is a 10 hour program, developed for girls 8-14 years old, with the goal to empower them by unlocking their inner power.

During five, 2-hour sessions that have specific focus, girls will develop life skills and friendships that will better their chances for becoming confident, strong young women.

ChatterGirls is for EVERY Girl! 

For more information on the program and individual meeting topics, visit our Self-Esteem Workshops page.

Dates for upcoming Winter 2019 sessions:

February 27, 2019 – March 27, 2019 
(5 week session, meets every Wednesday 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm)

ChatterGirls will meet at McHenry Mental Health Building, 620 Dakota, Crystal Lake, IL 60014.

Cost is $150 per girl

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