The New Year Must Have of 2018: ChatterGirls!

Happy 2018 – The year of ChatterGirls!

It’s a new year and here at ChatterGirls, we will celebrate 5 years of successful experiences with of over 100 girls graduating from the program.

Before moving forward this year, let’s see who is a ChatterGirl? The simple answer is, EVERY girl is a ChatterGirl! We’ve enjoyed working with girls with the ability to dig deep and find the strength within to be the strong women of the future. Cheerleaders, scouts, a challenged student, a shy girl, an avid reader and others, have passed through our door and left as true ChatterGirls.

ChatterGirl graduates are girls seeking to better their world and the one around them for others and these young ladies serve as ambassadors for self-esteem.

Where can you find a ChatterGirl? Anywhere! And in 2018, we are working to have graduates across the country. This year promises to be an exciting one, with growth and change. As we expand into new regions, new schools, camps and other organizations, we look forward to meeting new program facilitators and appreciate our current ChatterGirls family of support.

Please contact us if you’d like to bring our life-changing program to your area!