ChatterGirls is based in Crystal Lake, IL and is a mobile program (available for school, girl scout and other groups)


Founder and Lead Facilitator: Alicia Marcos Birong
  ♥ Masters Degree in Counseling from Loyola
  ♥ Certified Life Coach
  ♥ Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist

Five session, 10 hour program
  ♥ Five consecutive days (typically during our summer session) OR
Once a week for five weeks

Five Steps to a Girls Uniqueness: One topic per meeting
  ♥ Mirror Mirror
  ♥ Behind the Mask
  ♥ Changing the Chatter
  ♥ My Voice
  ♥ 100% ME

Age of participants—2 separate groups
  ♥ 8-10 year old girls*
  ♥ 11-14 year old girls
*We encourage girls in the 8-10 year age range to attend the older group when they reach the appropriate birthday!

All supplies are included in program cost
  ♥ T-shirt
  ♥ Journal
  ♥ Chatterbox
  ♥ Bracelet supplies and much more

Teen Mentors (at least one per group) attends and assists with activities
  ♥ These young ladies have attended training and we welcome ChatterGirl graduates to partake as the next step in their voyage.

  ♥ Meetings are held indoors/multi-purpose room
  ♥ A Parent Information Meeting is hosted prior to each session. An overview is provided and questions are welcome.
  ♥ Parent Support: Letters are generated weekly to educate parents and supply conversation starters based on each weekly topic
  ♥ Official partner of Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois
  ♥ Member of the Illinois Afterschool Network

You can contact us by phone, email or social media…