How to Teach Your Kids about Gender Equality

First I want to say this not about politics. It is about human rights.

How do you teach your children about equality?

A few weeks ago, I marched the Women’s March in Chicago. I marched for every women and girl who feel less then what is true when it comes to their value in the world. I marched with men, women and children who want to change the way we approach the issue of equality in the world. The powerful speakers gave me increased awareness regarding the importance of women voting and how we can start making positive changes starting today!

Knowing your value and sharing it by making a difference will start change! We can be the change!

I think of my own daughter and granddaughter and know that with each generation we reinforce a more positive future and gender equality for all.

As we live our daily lives (at home or in a classroom), let us remember to let go of stereotypes, offer up more diverse role models, remain positive, as well as these things:

  1. Understand that we all have equal rights. That should be respected.
  2. Value who we are, starting at a young age.
  3. Respect others thoughts and opinions.
  4. Know that change is always possible.
  5. Reflect on how far gender equality has come.
  6. Live in the moment but do not forget the past.
  7. Have the conversations in your home to share your values with your children.

Change and progress is happening all around us. Follow your passions and let your children stand beside you as you support the ideals and values that are a driving force in your life.