Empowering the Child in Your Life

We want every child to be the best they can be.

Empowering a child is a daily job. No matter what the age.

There are empowerment opportunities at every stage of development. This starts when your child begins to walk and you encourage that power with each step. As they begin school, the opportunities to learn and make friends present themselves and this is often times when a child experiences their first feeling of rejection. This is when we need to up our parenting game and go beyond what we’ve done thus far.

How do you encourage them to try again after failure or rejection?

We first have to continue to celebrate the wins and find better ways to deal with failures; both are growing steps no matter the age. Next, we have to know when to let go and have them step out on their own- this is hard for both parent and child but necessary. The days of choosing their friends and scheduling their every moment do come to an end.

It’s similar to when a child learns to ride their bike and you hold on less and less before they finally ride on their own. The most important thing that a child needs to know is that you will give your hand for assistance at any point it’s needed and no matter how old your child is. 

Encourage their uniqueness, support their successes and teach them ways to grow from the failures.