Don’t Panic! Your Family Holiday Guide Has Arrived!

Happiness, Joy, Anxiety, Stress, Sadness and other emotions are prompted once we begin the holiday rituals.

I’d like to share a few survival tips with your family this holiday!

  1. Begin by understanding what your families expectations are for this holiday season. Then listen to family, friends, co-workers- How do their expectations reflect upon your family participation?
  2. Think about other family experiences and ask “What brings us joy?’ “What has brought  feelings of stress or anxiety?” Set some rules or expectations supporting everyone in your family by suggesting they remove themselves from the event or situation that causes negative feelings and choose something that brings you joy.
  3. Write down a list of what brings your family joy and a list of expectations (which do not bring you joy).
  4. Plan appropriately by having time to doing something each day that brings you joy during the holiday season, like baking, driving around seeing the lights or calling a friends who you have not talked to during the year.
  5. Remember something special about each group (friends, family, work) before you attend a gathering. Focus on that and remain positive.
  6. Focus on the reason for the season. Regardless of your beliefs, it is not always about the gift, but rather, your presence.
  7. Breathe through your busiest moments! Long lines…breathe! Overbooked…breathe!
  8. Reach out to those who have suffered a loss this year or to those battling depression. Joy is not always easy during this time of year for everyone.
  9. Remind each member to take care of themselves and find something new to celebrate next year together.
  10. Listen to the sounds of peace within your mind. A breath, a moment of silence, a smile, will endure always through the holidays and beyond.