A Day in the Life of an Empowerment Expert

I have the best job in the world but I never feel it is a job because it’s my passion!

ChatterGirls is the embodiment of my education and volunteering with, counseling and coaching children and adults and helping them claim their uniqueness.

January is always a wonderful reminder of all things new- new year, new resolutions and new goals! As a plan 2018 and look forward to making ChatterGirls available nationally, I reflect on how I developed the program and the work and hustle I have ahead to ensure that girls across the country experience this amazing program!

My days, as I’m sure are yours, are packed with ever-changing duties and priorities, but I always start my day with a few affirmations- some are my own which serve as a reminder of how I’ve shaped some of life’s negatives into positives and others from Oprah and Maya Angelou, that I’ve compiled over the years that speak to me.

I so appreciate my supporters and make sure that I stay on top of replying to inquiries about the program or my book. I’m a firm believer that you have to keep open lines to share in the learning process. I’ve received valuable feedback from those who’ve experienced ChatterGirls and it only helps to develop a stronger program.

My journey to empower others has run parallel with my own continued journey. Writing blogs, like this one, and talking with followers on Facebook, help me to share what I’m finding and often times, it can be a forum for bigger discussion.

I maintain a coaching practice for one on one assistance. Any time I’m able to work face to face with a client (or Skype), my day is significantly better! It’s an amazing feeling to educate and interact with girls and women who are finding their voice and making decisions that will impact their lives.

Tomorrow I’ll work on the business end of things, networking and reviewing a few marketing initiatives.

To teach others to be empowered means every day I must evaluate how I am empowering my self. Every day of my life I look at my grandchildren and am proud I can help them lead better, more empowered lives and be a part of life long change.

Cheers to another day of Changing the Chatter!