How to Quickly Lower Anxiety for Your Child This Halloween

Halloween is upon us!

I love Halloween and seeing the costumes on children as they are out trick or treating.

You can tell so much about a child from the costume they chose to wear: favorite movie character, super hero or who they identify with.

Here are few ideas for preparing for that special night or day:

  1. Either let your child chose his/her costume or make sure they can relate or identify with it so they’re able to answer questions about it. –Minimize anxiety.


  1. Make sure the costume is weather friendly. It is really hard for a child to plan to wear a costume and then have to covered up with a coat or taking off parts when it is too hot.


  1. Pick and purchase! Last minute changes will happen but you don’t want a costume to be sold out at the store or have to make a costume at the last minute.


  1. For younger children, stay with them while trick or treating and encourage older kids to help out.


  1. If your child has food allergies, look for the teal pumpkin or create a trade-in program to substitute the candy they receive for something else they’d like.


  1. Take them out early and to places they know. Local stores and venues offer early parties for younger children to experience the holiday.


  1. Have the costume come to life with a story the child can tell about their character.


  1. Plan on an early dinner or meeting friends after trick or treating to ensure there’s a meal plan.


Halloween is an imaginative holiday! Let your child share theirs and stay safe.

Happy Halloween!