5 Ways to Make Sure Your Holiday Isn’t Gift Focused!

It time for that Big Book to arrive in the mail!

When your child begins to make their holiday wish list, how much of is it based on wants or just because?

There is a learning opportunity to look beyond themselves and help others.

Here are some ideas for making a more thoughtful holiday season for your little one:

  1. Sharing with others less fortunate is a great part of the holidays. Going through toy bins and closets and select items that are no longer played with and donate them to a local organization is wonderfully thoughtful. It also helps to clear space for new toys!

Do you have a giving tree at your place of worship or through a local non-profit? Ask your child to select the toy for the person you’ve selected.

  1. It’s important to talk about anxiousness during the holidays as the stress or anticipation of events might be overwhelming. Be sure not to over schedule your child otherwise you might see melt downs.
  2. Have your children participate in holiday traditions. Talk about the traditions of your family and assign different jobs/duties as they grow (putting bows on gifts at age 3, helping with cookie making at 5 and helping put up lights at 10). Consider starting a new tradition like looking at lights or Chris Kringle market or a day of wrapping presents.
  3. Sit with your child and talk about realistic presents and values.
  4. The holidays means different things in different families, and it’s good to talk with your child about that so they can be respectful of their friends.

Wishing you a wonderful time of peace and giving.