4 Things Every Parent Should Share with their Daughter

I was recently listening to a country western song about how boys and girls deal with break ups differently and it got me thinking about the way girls handle hurt and upset.

Our children find different ways to cope with pain. A girls sensitivity to pain comes from within and unfortunately, she may hold on to it through adulthood.

When a girl intentionally hurts another girl, I am concerned for both children, as both are truly hurt. Bullying can make a girl feel like her life has come to an abrupt stop!

In my years working with children as both a counselor and a coach, I’ve seen the negative and everlasting effects that pain or hurt have on girls.

We need to empower our girls and give them the tools to deal with others and the internal mind chatter and build towards a more positive and powerful future.

I encourage you to share your hurts and disappointments with your daughter and let her know she’s not alone in her situation. Our daughters look up to us and seek our approval and guidance and what better way to help them thrive, then to employ a few simple techniques.

  1. Reaffirm your daughter’s sense of uniqueness.
  2. Share one of your personal disappointments and how you overcame it. By sharing and inviting her to share her disappointments, you’re both coming from a similar starting point and can move forward together.
  3. Read daily affirmations. There are many great affirmations in my book “Changing the Chatter: Help Your Daughter Look Beyond the Mirror for Self- Esteem”
  4. Help your daughter set goals: daily, weekly and long-term