4 Strategies to Understand a Sensitive Child

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a child, this was a tough day for me as I had high expectations and that carried into adulthood. What happens when a child doesn’t get a valentine, or isn’t invited to a party or is just left out of a group? Naturally, this leads to hurt feelings but to a sensitive child, this can be traumatic.

What happens when your child is sensitive to the people and things around them? In ChatterGirls and when coaching one on one, when I’m working with a sensitive child, it’s about the perceived invasion into their world or space and they do not always understand it.

Whether it’s emotional or physical sensitivity, as parents, we need to incorporate new tools:

  1. Offer a safe place-this helps with all sensitivities.
  2. Create a strategy to manage stressful situations.
  3. Empower your child to use their voice to express their feelings.
  4. Develop a schedule with room for changes.

Today is a great day to remind ourselves that we need to show others compassion and love.

Utilize the tools above and if you need further assistance, please contact me.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day and remember it can be a great day for your child if you’re all prepared and are setup for success.